19 October, 2006

NiT Appears To Be Down

So I'll just blog over here at my own little corner of the world.

Some various thoughts:

Dear Walmart
I love the idea of your bargain generic drug program. You know what would be fantastic? How about including Birth Control Pills in that program? I've recently started taking them as part of a treatment regimen. They're expensive. Sure, to most people $50/month isn't that much. But you know, there are some folks out there to whom that's two weeks worth of groceries. Seems to me that if we want to stem the abortion tide we'd make the whole "not getting pregnant" thing a little bit cheaper.

Dear Ford & Corker
We know all about your mamas and grandmas and tax records and churches. Where do you stand on Proposition One? Any thoughts?

Dear Ed Buckby
I don't know who you are, but have you considered having your own blog? Because your comments over at Tiny Cat Pants are long and hard to read as comments. But they might make for some interesting blog posts.


At 3:26 PM, October 19, 2006, Anonymous Lesley said...

Ford and Corker both support "marriage between a man and a woman," though neither has said they "hate the gays" or anything.

But I wish someone would have asked them about net neutrality. "How do you feel about preserving net neutrality and how much of your campaign contributions come from the big corporations that oppose it?" Please, please please someone ask this in the Nashville debate!

ps--is that the prop 1 you meant? The gay marriage ban?

At 5:08 PM, October 19, 2006, Blogger Rob Robinson said...

When you say "net neutrality," you do mean the series of tubes, right? We shouldn't be picking a fight with them when we have our hands full in Iraq.

I don't hate gays, but I don't really care for Grey's Anatomy. Lost and Desperate Housewives, yes, but not Grey's Anatomy.;)

At 5:10 PM, October 19, 2006, Blogger Rob Robinson said...

I love Battlestar Galactica, too. Is it OK yet to admit that yet??

At 6:17 PM, October 19, 2006, Blogger Lee said...

"NiT Appears To Be Down"

Hey, you break it, you buy it.

At 7:25 PM, October 19, 2006, Blogger Amy said...

thanks a lot for that awful picture over at NiT. I can't even go over there anymore until you post enough to make it go away. a thousand times worse than the clowns.


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