14 December, 2006

Another No-Delete Bit Of Brain Lint

:: Why do the various magazines I've subscribed to think that I want spam from them? I get about 3 emails A DAY from Entertainment Weekly, Better Homes & Gardens and Taste of Home. It's irritating to realise that not only is it spam but it's spam that I've actually paid for. And it just now occurs to me that I have nerdy taste in magazines. I also just started getting Real Simple. That's a long story, but basically we had a few air miles that had to be used up and the only thing we could redeem them on was magazines. And most of the magazines were for things I have absolutely no interest in, like Fly Fisher Monthly and Gay Fashion. No, the magazine wasn't actually CALLED "Gay Fashion" but it wasn't Out or The Advocate. (I like the Advocate) And it did have "Gay" in the title. Maybe it was Gay Vogue. I can't remember....I just know that it so did not apply to me as I'm neither gay nor do I have the slightest ability to comprehend Fashion. Speaking of which, Jen has promised both herself and Pink Kitty to me for Fashion First Aid. I need it, because if there was any area where I was more handicapped than my inability to see without coke-bottle lenses it's "fashion". Who decided that Garanamils were only for children? Because I need that kind of help with putting together an outfit. Seriously.

:: Speaking of putting together an outfit, this has nothing to do with that really but it made me think of "The Lost Room" for some reason I can't fathom. I watched the first 30 minutes or so of that mini series last night, because it was well-reviewed. But I think I'm giving up on it. I worry that I'm not the Sci Fi fan that I used to be because I have no patience with the new little conceits that Modern Sci Fi is doing. The thing about good sci fi is that there is weirdness followed by an explanation for the weirdness. Now the explanation may be as OUT THERE as the rest of the weirdness, but it's still an explanation. You can say to yourself "a ha! The aliens invaded the outer planets only because those were the ones that grew the algae containing an essential amino acid that the aliens needed to stay alive!" That's why I dig on Sci Fi. I like the scientific explaination behind the outlandish fiction. Well, that, and I love Alternative Cosmologies. This is why I hale both Phillip K. Dick--who does the "explaination" part very well--and Frank Herbert, master of the AltCosm. But this "Lost Room" show looks like it's gonna not actually give any kind of explaination for the weirdness. Sports Night Casey corners a loon with a magic bus ticket and asks said loon why the heck everything is so weird. Loon's response is that "no body knows for sure but some people think that God died and these items are little pieces of his body and then other people think God is still alive and these objects are a test." What.The.Heck?! Please, dude. Get serious. Can't you even throw us the standard L'Engle "wrinkle in the fabric of time" nonfriggingsense? Pieces of God's Dead Corpse sounds absolutely like some 8th grade emo poetry by a girl who aspires to end this life with her head in the oven.

But the worst part so far is that Sports Night Casey takes his daughter to a doctor's office where everyone has odd plastic smiles on their faces. He's told that it will be "a couple of hours" so he leaves to head over to a diner across the street. On his way to the diner he meets Bus Ticket Loon and they have a series of Special F/X Misadventures. And of course his daughter is kidnapped. Of course. I'm sorry...I don't even HAVE human children but if one of my kids were dropped off for a 2-hr. Doctor's Appt. you'd better believe that I'd whip out my handy Purse Paperback (Currently Reading: Vodka by Boris Starling) and wait for said fruit of my loins to emerge safe and sound. I would definitely not be chasing a lunatic around the corridors of The World's Creepiest Hospital.

There are about 5 and a half more hours of this show and I don't know if I'll make it all the way through or not. That remains to be seen.

:: I feel like I should have a third thing to write about but my brain is totally unfocused. I will say that the iTunes free download of the week is some woman singing "Silent Night" and it's actually very good. I've listened to it bunches. Also big props to Big Orange Michael for hooking me up with the "O Holy Night" mp3, which is now available for free download at nbc dot com slash studio 60. And that's about it for this brain dump because right now I'm sitting staring at the two pigs on my desk and wondering why--if they're supposedly identical--that the felt muzzles of either pig are attached differently. One is sewn inside and the other is sewn outside. This makes me realise that they were probably handsewn by some poor woman in China. Can you imagine a life of handsewing stuffed pigs for happy meal toys? No? Me either.


At 11:12 AM, December 14, 2006, Blogger Slartibartfast said...

What do you mean 'nerdy'?

Better Homes & Gardens and Taste of Home

I subscribe to their cousins - Good Housekeeping and Light & Tasty, and I don't conside...


I guess they are nerdy.

Oh, well. BTW, I subscribe the old fashioned way, so luckily, they don't know my email address. Fall-out subscription card inserts are bad enough.

At 1:26 PM, December 14, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Three years ago I paid for a Real Simple subscription as part of a fundraiser at a child's school. I have not received a copy of the magazine in two years. I still get their emails.

At 2:31 PM, December 14, 2006, Blogger Michael said...

Glad I could help you out there.

I thought about taping the Lost Room and watching it later, but forgot part one was on Monday night and so I gave up. I am sure it will be repeated until I want to run screaming from the room so I guess I could catch it...

Or I could just watch Buffy on DVD....

At 3:02 PM, December 14, 2006, Blogger Elena said...

Neh, those aren't nerdy.

I buy Poetry magazine a lot. Now THAT is nerdy! ;o)


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