20 February, 2007

I'm Now Talking About TV Because I Want To And I Don't Have A Top Blog In The State So It Doesn't Matter

--Friday Night Lights
I'm really surprised by the number of people who were glad to see Kyle Chandler back on Grey's Anatomy. Someone commented here about it, and there have been a gajillion comments to the same gist at TWOP and the Grey's Writers blog. If only a tenth of those people would turn to Friday Night Lights for their Kyle Chandler fix, maybe the show would get the ratings it deserves.

--Battlestar Galactica
What the frak? I'm starting to feel as though I'm watching Mister Rogers, where everyone has an imaginary friend. First there's Baltar with his MindSix, then Caprica Six has a MindBaltar. Now Adama has his ex-wife. Are there not enough people in the fleet for our characters to have conversations with? I was also under the impression that we were supposed to be having Baltar's Big Trial.

--How I Met Your Mother
I think this is now my second-favourite comedy on television, right after The Office. Tonight's episode was golden. Moist, even.

--Studio 60
It's perverse of me, but I'm kind of amused that they're cutting this off a week early and giving The Black Donnellys a jump start. Will I watch TBD? Probably at least once. I'm a sucker for anything Irish. Speaking of which, I really miss Seanachie.

Ah, where to start? I love it second only to The Wire, and I'm peeved that they've cancelled it. Although it's probably a good thing in the long run because it's starting to ruin me for all other shows. After we finished our marathon blitz through Season 2 last week, we were watching something else on network TV. I turned to The Husband and lamented that there wasn't nearly enough swearing. I got used to the rythym of speech in Deadwood.
The show's creators also managed to do something I never thought possible. They actually got me to enjoy Brad Dourif in something. Heretofore I've loathed the man about as much as Leonardo DiCaprio. Whenever he shows up in something it's usually to freak me out, so I've just given him a wide berth. Now, though, I actually enjoyed his work.
At least I have Season 3 to look forward to.


At 10:37 AM, February 20, 2007, Blogger Michael said...

I have to admit I'm a bit torn on Friday Night Lights.

I love it and part of me wants it to continue. But part of me wonders--can they continue the genius for a second season?

That said, I am still just enjoying the heck of the ride this year....

At 11:28 PM, February 20, 2007, Anonymous Tabitha said...


That's one of those undirty but sounds dirty words!! Hee..


And I've certainly never heard it used on a sitcom before.. and you're the second person I know who, today, has said it's a really good show.

Must TiVo it for sure!


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