16 February, 2007

The Granny Rapist

Hoo-boy. An 84 year old woman had sex with an 11-year old boy in her care.

Because she's a sweet little church-going old lady whose never been in trouble before she gets to plead guilty to a lesser charge of 'attempted sex abuse'.

What is wrong with this picture? I'm sure this isn't her first time at the rodeo. People don't generally take up the kiddy raping as a late-in-life hobby. Sure, it's the first time she got caught, but you'd have a hard time convincing me it's the first time she coerced a young boy into sex.

These people disgust me.


At 12:56 AM, February 17, 2007, Blogger CHEZ BEZ said...




At 7:38 AM, February 17, 2007, Blogger P. K. Nail said...

GAH! And the poor kid only gets $5000 as restitution. I love how courts can put price tags on these things.


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