16 November, 2005

Thankfulness II

The last theme of my thankfulness was kind of a tiny, out of the way sort of noun. I've thought for a couple of days about breaking this one down, but I can't so I don't think I will. It's too big and too important. In a nutshell, I'm thankful for other people's boldness. There are so many things in the world that make my life easier and more enjoyable--from aspirin to roller coasters. Every single one of these things exists simply because someone had the idea and was bold enough to see the it through. Sure, their motivations may have been as base as money or as grandiose as striving for immortality. In the end it doesn't matter. We still have disposable Kleenex, better feminine hygiene products, TiVos and Coca-Cola. And I'm thankful.


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