01 April, 2006

That About Sums It Up

TeeVee.org's April Fools' Parody site--TeeVeePedia--sums up about 20,000 Teenage Women Of Propriety comments with it's Grey's Anatomy entry

Meredith clearly belongs with McDreamy and I can't wait for them to get together, even though I can't help but kind of like his wife after all (and she sure is pretty).
Izzie rocks and I loved it that one time when she said "Because it's what Jesus would freaking do!" or that other time when she threatened to beat up Christina. And poor George! I hope he and that cool doctor get together. Man, Alex can be such a jerk sometimes. And the Nazi rules, even if they call her "the Nazi" (though not much anymore).
Man, McDreamy is dreamy. And Dr. Burke is hot. George is sweet. That Denny guy that Izzie likes is cool, I hope he doesn't die. I still feel bad about that bomb squad guy who got blown up, he should've read the newspaper that would've told him what was going to happen.

It's as though they, like I, read those threads every Monday at lunchtime. Compulsively and without shame. Much shame, anyway.

Hat Tip: Lacy and John I. Carney (via NiT.) Man, that's a lot of A HREFs.


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