04 May, 2006

Thank You

Dear Lady In The Big SUV In The Kroger Parking Lot:

I realise you had no way of knowing that I am kind of out of sorts today, and that you came into the parking lot from the other direction. Therefore there was no way you could have known that I'd been waiting to get into that space for 5 minutes. That space you pulled into.

But when you saw the complete frustration and exasperation on my face YOU ACTUALLY PULLED OUT AGAIN. There was another space that was just as convenient for you, so you left "my" space and took that one. In all the years that I've had "my" spaces taken by other people this has never happened. And if there was ever a day that it needed to happen, today was it.

So thank you for reading my mind and the expression on my face and doing a decent thing that you didn't have to do.


At 12:20 PM, May 05, 2006, Blogger Patrick said...

This sounds like a conversation that should be resolved on myspace.com.

Thank you! Tip your waiter!


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