08 May, 2006

What Do Laverne & Shirley Think About Immigration?

Isn't it funny how, in the words of Albus Dumbledore, the dead never truly leave us? That's even more true of the living folk that we'd like to be rid of. Especially today, as I'm falling hardcore victim to the Jungian Field of I Am Not Making This Crap Up. As I was vacuuming I began thinking about this guy from my hometown--the psycho Letter To The Editor writer. I'd been reflecting on the whole Helmke Gun Control thing, and of course Richard D. Sloan came to mind.

I grew up on newspapers. My hometown published two and my family took both. Piles of improperly re-folded newsprint were always by my dad's chair, at the foot of the couch, on the kitchen counter and in the garage. I read them voraciously in those good old days before 24 hour news. Of course now you couldn't pay me to take the paper--but it was a nice invention when I was younger.

My favourite part was the editorial page, and the letters to the editor. I liked hearing what real people had to say about the issues. Except in one case. Picture removed because I'm tired of looking at it. If you want to see him, click thru to the link...Richard D. Sloan. I suppose in the days before blogs, people like ol' Dick had to have an outlet somewhere. His just happened to be the Letters to the Editor. Which, of course, they printed. Because nothing could get all of Fort Wayne in a hackle like a wierd-ass missive from RDS. I was eleven years old when I first started arguing with his strangeosity. Whole dinner-table conversations were monopolised by me freaking out over the latest thing the crazy dude had written. And I wasn't alone, because somewhere during my teen years the News-Sentinel profiled several frequent LTE writers. Apparently Mr. Sloan is a member of Mensa or some other smart-people organisation. According to his in-depth profile he decided that he needed more time to ponder the great issues facing mankind, so he went and got himself a fast-track job unloading trucks at the Pepsi bottling plant. This, according to Richard, allowed him to grace the rest of the Summit City with his unique brand of timely genius. Aim high, Dick. Anyway, of course I had to go with the "bottling plant" reference and refer to him as 'Laverne & Shirley' for the rest of my teen years.

Then I growed myself up and moved away. Now, today, through a new Ft. Wayne friend, I am alerted to his guest opinion column on immigration.
mmigration issues run deeper than most are aware of. Most Hispanics are unaware of how the Vatican uses them as pawns. The Vatican is slowly destroying the U.S. with excessive immigration to advance the Vatican’s own power in the U.S. and the world. Rather than moving to the U.S., most of these immigrants should be in their home countries reforming those countries. They should be rejecting the Vatican’s self-serving doctrine of large families and bringing their own population levels under control. Instead, they overpopulate, then seek to dump their excess populations on the U.S., which benefits the Vatican. It is not mere coincidence that many of our immigration laws have gone unenforced, that several Supreme Court justices are now Catholic, or that so many of the immigrants and demonstrators are Catholic.

Oh, but there's more. Click the link to avail yourself of his brilliance. Do you see why I think the man is PSYCHO? If you go to Fort Wayne, stay away from Pepsi. I'm off to see if he has a blog where I can leave comments....


At 7:42 AM, May 10, 2006, Anonymous marci said...

Reading this again cracked me up. That guy? Much with teh crazy. I understand freedom of the press, etc., but I still have no idea why the News Sentinel indulged this wack job.


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