20 December, 2006

Wait By The River Long Enough

and the movie you've been searching for since childhood will float by. My father took me to see this movie in the theatre when it first came out. I was six years old, and it was my favourite fairy tale ever. I remember being so captivated by the story that I would retell it to myself for hours on end. I have been looking for a copy of this movie off and on for the last twenty years. When I was in Jr. High and High School I would visit the library and thumb through large reference books to see if I could find any details. Since I first saw the thing when I was six, I had no idea that it was a foreign-made cartoon and wouldn't show up in any of the books I was using.

Five years ago I finally found a copy of the movie on eBay. It was a VHS from Europe, and I almost bought it...for $250.00. My guilt got the better of me. I can't really bring myself to spend $250 on a movie when there are starving people in the world, etc. Still, every now and again I'll Google it just to see if there's any news.

On Sunday I found out the movie had finally been printed to DVD and was for sale at Amazon for 19 bucks. Seriously, this is the best Christmas present ever. I am so excited to get a copy after Christmas.

I don't know that there's really a point to this story, other than the fact that delayed gratification sometimes rocks. And if you have a little girl, I strongly recommend that you seek out this movie. I don't think you (or she) will be disappointed.


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