23 February, 2007

The Other Problem With Bloggers' On The Hill Day

It all started with the Republicans throwing a donuts-and-coffee reception for those far enough to the Right to merit an invite. Now, I gather, they want to have a corresponding shindig for the Leftward.

As a libertarian (albeit a very right-leaning), I scratch my head in wonderment. I quite obviously don't merit a pass to either group, seeing as how I don't toe anyone's line. There are a lot of folks like me in the state, folks who disavow party affiliation as a team sport and prefer to evaluate each issue solely on its merits or lack thereof.

And gradually the climate here in Tennessee seems to be freezing us out. Where are the official functions for those of us who refuse to be officially labelled? Funnily enough, I once thought "taxpaying citizen" was all the label a person required in order to participate in this government by the people.


At 6:08 PM, February 23, 2007, Blogger Chance said...

I think part of the issue is almost everyone sees politics as a two dimensional spectrum, you are either on the right, left, or somewhere in between.. I remember being amazed during a telephone survey that I was asked if I was conservative, liberal, or moderate, thinking "there are other points of view you know." I like the 2-d map much better, with an axis for economics and one for social issues. Many modern political quizzes have both axes.

Why there is such a huge conglomeration along a 2-d line I don't know, but campaign finance reform does its part to ensure that the status quo is maintained.


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