03 February, 2006

Gang Of Four

Lacy hit me with this one. Yay! I love tagging.

Four places I’ve lived:
Fort Wayne,IN
Upland, IN
Nashville, TN

Four jobs I’ve had:
Phone Survey Administrator: Calling people on the telephone to ask them if their phones worked. Really.
Ice Cream Scooper @ Bresslers: I actually got tendonitis from this job.
Dishroom Line Worker: It was nasty as all get-out, but it's where I met my husband. So, I guess, yeah. It was nasty.
Travel Agent: You haven't lived until you've had someone pay for a cruise. With their Sears Credit Card. (Dave Ramsey may be on to something.)

Four movies I can watch over and over

The Right Stuff
The Godfather

And about a dozen others.

Four contemporary authors that I read everything they publish
Well, there are really about thirty, but heregoes:

Carol O'Connell
James Rollins
Margaret Atwood
Dean Koontz

Four current TV shows I love:

Arrested Development--It's not officially over until next Friday. BASTARDS!!!!
Veronica Mars
Grey's Anatomy

This was easy. I just copied Lacy's list and added my own whinging.

Four places I’ve visited/vacationed:

Disney World (a lot of times--I love it there)
Buda Pest (Mom, should I count this as two places?)
The Mitchell Corn Palace
Churchill's War Room

Four of my favorite dishes:

Asparagus--fixed any way. It's my utterly favourite food.
Cheese. Not a dish but a lifestyle.
Chicken Shish-ke-bab
Puppy Chow

Four sites I visit daily:

Television Without Pity
Authors On The Web

Four places I would rather be right now:

The Pool at the Wilderness Lodge, by the place where the river empties into the deep end.
Holding my own newborn baby
Playing with a Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy
Reading Harry Potter Book 7

Who do I tag?

Honestly, everybody I know except Jason, Patrick and Ivy have done this, I think.


At 10:09 AM, February 04, 2006, Blogger Ivy, the Great and Powerful said...

Haha, I've done this before, but there are more questions on yours than there were on the one I did. So challenge accepted!!

At 12:43 PM, February 06, 2006, Blogger Busy Mom said...

Must. Have. That. Puppy.


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