25 September, 2006

CSI: Can Anyone Explain This To Me?

Imagine my surprise at firing up the Tivo last night, only to catch an infomercial for Cirque du Soliel. Neither mystery seemed to be really compelling--or really solved.

And what was the deal with Grissom and Sara? Help.


At 8:31 AM, September 25, 2006, Anonymous bekah said...

I think the whole point of this episode was the last scene with the murdered guy and the miniature scene. . . I think they wanted to work us up because this miniature crime scene killing thing is supposed to last six episodes or something ridiculous like that.

At 8:38 AM, September 25, 2006, Blogger Kat Coble said...

Six weeks? Really?

I think I'll stick to tivo'ing this and watching Grey's.

At 11:34 AM, September 25, 2006, Anonymous lesley said...

Awesome. I felt the same way about Cirque. I guess they want some attention for a show other than Love right now.

The dude at the end is Danny Bonaduce, I believe (but I don't think he's playing himself, which would be way more awesome). And bekah is right; it's supposed to be a big deal.

At 5:52 PM, September 25, 2006, Blogger Malia said...

Didn't you see the season finale with Grissom and Sarah basically in bed together?? At least that was what we were supposed to think. He laying/lying in bed talking to an unseen person about how he wants to die and then Sarah walks out of the bathroom in a robe and kneels down beside him. Personally I think they've drug the Grissom/Sarah thing out way too long and now it's ho-hum. I'd rather see Catherine and Warrick hook up.


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