06 February, 2006

Kat's Football Observations

Our Sunday School Class had a football-watching party, but since it involved not only the watching of football, but also the driving across all of Nashville and most of Franklin to hang out with many people eating beans, Tim and I decided to stay home. 48 hot wings and an episode of Veronica Mars later, we tuned it to parts of the game.

I now know why Tim never really cares if I watch football with him or not. My running commentary:

K: That guy's really big.
T: That's why they call him "The Bus"
K: Oh. I thought it was some cool football term like "sacking". I didn't know it was his name.

K: If I played football I don't think I'd let my hair grow long like that guy. I'd always be afraid someone would pull it and break my neck. It'd be like Absolam. Why don't they make him cut his hair? You can't read his name on his shirt, either.

K: Oooh. Roethlisberger. He's got a nice German name.

K: Are there really only 47 seconds left in the game? Why are they (Seattle) even bothering? What a waste of energy.

K: That guy may be an athelete, but he's really out of shape. (Thinks to self: Dude looks 8 months pregnant. If that's the physique they're letting in the NFL I may try out next year. Especially if I can pull guys' hair.)

K: Is that man really sweaty? If so, that's gross.
T: No, they just dumped the cooler on him.

K: Well, they already paid to have those hats made up. Good thing they won. I'd hate to have to have all those hats on hand if they lost.

K: (on seeing all the confetti shoot out of the cannons) Who is gonna clean that *expletive* up??!?

T: You know, it's gonna be awhile before your show (Gray's Anatomy) comes on. Did you wanna go play your game (Sims2) or something?

And that would be why we don't go to Super Bowl parties at other people's houses....


At 4:26 PM, February 10, 2006, Anonymous Beth said...

Thanks for the running commentary, Eldonna/Joan!


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