31 May, 2006

Giddyup, Gals! Them Fellas'll Have Ya After All.

So Bob Mueller just actually said (I don't think he writes his own interstitials so maybe I'll cut him some slack) that (close paraphrase)
So how easy is it to get married after 30? 20 years after a groundbreaking book it ....appears that the future may not be so bleak for women

Wha?!? Look, I'm very happily married to a Hawt Guy who is good to me and whom I love dearly. BUT I don't believe that an unmarried future is a bleak one for everyone. Some women don't want to be married. The other day when my super-anal husband neatly stacked all his chicken wing bones in a straight line I could see why.

Even if you are single and over 30 and want desperately to be married wouldn't you feel a little more bummed if someone implied that a manless future was bleak? I would.

Bleak. ???


At 7:05 AM, June 01, 2006, Blogger Heather said...

Kat, coincidentally I think our husbands share the same first name as well as anal-retentive tendencies.


At 7:59 AM, June 01, 2006, Blogger newscoma said...

I'm 40. Unmarried.
And Fabulous. Having the time of my life.

At 8:23 AM, June 01, 2006, Blogger Malia said...

That was News 2 once again piggybacking off of "national" news coverage. I sort of blogged about the same thing (the marriage after 40 part of the story) yesterday, but with a different take. So no, I don't think Mueller was responsible for the wording, they were just trying to uber hip by picking up a "story" that's getting national attention.

At 9:13 AM, June 01, 2006, Blogger ceeelcee said...

My favorite interstitial of the last 10 years: Chris Clark during the halfway break of "Northern Exposure" looking earnestly into the camera and drawling, "Gays are in the military...and NOBODY'S happy about it."

He said it like a absolute fact and looked like he had no idea what he was reading. Priceless. Dumbass.

At 9:31 AM, June 01, 2006, Anonymous brittney said...

Last night on WSMV Demetria informed me that there was the image of Jesus on a radiator or something somewhere. Not "A man says Jesus appeared to him on a radiator," but, "There is an image of Jesus you have to see."

At the very least that is highly debatable.

At 10:37 AM, June 01, 2006, Blogger Michael said...

Wait..where are all these single women over 30 hiding out?

At 11:58 AM, June 01, 2006, Blogger Kat Coble said...

I thought (and Mr. Mueller confirmed) that it was written by a woman. That wording is the kind of thing that sounds joke-y and spry when said by a woman. I still don't like it, but I get the whole Sex-And-The-City-Hold-My-Purse-Girlfriend vibe. But when a man says it it comes of condescending.

AND yes, I get that the double standard is horrible, etc. But it's kind of like a black writer using the n word and then having the writing being read by a white guy. The messenger DOES alter the message by placing it in a different context.

Whoa. Maybe I'm as anal as my spouse.


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