01 June, 2006

Too Tired To Title Titillatingly

Man. This has been a day.

I'll sum it up in bite size chunks o' goodness.

¶ Tim got up early to get our plates. We actually were able to get our plates without getting a temp tag to sort out MARTA for the first time in a few years. The past few times have been constant rejections followed by ever-increasing expenses at the mechanics'. Not this year. Our mechanic has a new policy where they fix it and take it through MARTA for you. What a relief.

¶ One of our friends was hospitalised on Sunday for a bicycle accident. (Wear Helmets, Kids! This is Friend #2 whose life has recently been saved by helmet-wearing.) We drove out to Mt. Juliet to feed his two dog-babies so that his other half could actually speak to the doctors treating her husband.

¶ Nothing other than ice cream sandwiches emphasises life's inherent transience like seeing a normally-vibrant man in an ICU hospital bed. We drove to Vanderbilt with another friend to visit him. I love hospitals when visiting them upright, but Tim thinks they're Skeeve Central. So like Jack and Mrs. Sprat we kept each other from either staying too long or not long enough. Unfortunately we were told to be there at 8:00. Visiting hours didn't start til 8:30. I told the person responsible for passing along faulty information to look into working for the CIA. I'm really familiar with Vanderbilt's various lobbies now.

¶ The children's book is finally complete. I wrote it, illustrated it and did the layout. One of these days I'm going to have to get in touch with my editor friend at the local children's book company. I gather this is how they do all their books. I did two adult books like this (Bunko and Poker) but even then I had help on the illustration. Okay, let me just say this. I did use liberally from the vast resources of clip and stock art available to me for this book. But since I'm so picky that still took awhile. Oh, and I hate LightBox. And me being the brilliant (?!?!?) person I am, I started in MSWord. Because I was writing and I do all non-blog writing in MSWord by default. And then when I switched to layout I didn't think ahead enough to move it into Quark. So I did layout in MSWord. While trying constantly to use Quark hotkeys that mean something totally different in Word and screwing everything up. And you don't care. But trust me, it's bad and stupid of me. Like hammering a nail with a box of spaghetti.

¶ Great. That was only four things. So now I sound laaaazzzy, to whine about being tired from four things. But they were all intense things, if that matters...


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