25 September, 2006

So, Do I Haul Hinie To Franklin For My Art?

I am not Van Gogh. That is obvious, since I'm sitting here contemplating the loss of time and gas money. Like that even approaches an ear.

The Writer's Room workshops are once again being held at The Factory in Franklin. Every Thursday for six weeks. $35.00 a session. Part of me desperately wants to go. Being a writer in a room of writers is one of the few times I'm really relaxed.

But hasn't anyone heard that being a writer is not a well-paying gig? In fact, most writers make more money conducting workshops and seminars than from their actual published works. Or so it seems, because I'm forever getting emails and flyers advertising A Fantastic Creative Opportunity For Only $175.00. That seems to be the tacitly agreed-upon amount. It sounds comfortably affordable without making the recipient feel like the workshop is just gonna tell them something they could read on the Internet for free.

Is it ironic that Steven King is basically giving away the same advice? Sure On Writing isn't free, but at eight bucks it's a darn sight more affordable. King, though, is a lot more financially successful with his writings than the majority of workshop hosts.

And yet, I crave writers' workshops for the same reason that some people like to drink in bars. Yes, you can get the beer cheaper at Kroger and drink in front of your TV. But the bar--and the workshop--are social gatherings. You meet people with similar interests. If you can call "beer" an interest. Granted, $175 is a steep cover charge. (It's also the discount cost if I pay for all six weeks of Writer's Room Workshops. I'm telling you, someone out there loves that figure.)


At 11:43 AM, September 25, 2006, Blogger Lee said...

"If you can call "beer" an interest."

Oh Kat, very much so.


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